Fine Food Australia 2014

Fine Food Festival Australia is Australia’s largest annual food industry trade expo. Every year Fine Food Australia is playing a part in connecting exhibitors to visitors. This year the expo was at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition, 15th to 18th of September. Established in 1994, this year Fine Food Australia celebrated their 30th year anniversary and the turnout was massive. There were 874 exhibitors and over 20,000 people visited.

ARMCO filters saw a range of excellent stalls made connections with a variety of commercial equipment and catering companies. The exhibitors were experts in their fields and were very friendly, meeting great people was only second to the tasty samples. Great to see other Hospitality equipment experts such as Cedar Hospitality, Commercial Food Machinery and Cookon Commercial Equipment (with their logo bling).

Special shout outs to; Blink Mints for their interesting take on the breath mint, AMANTI Gourmet Coffee for the coffees, Nestle for the frozen to ready-made smoothies, Mint-X for their rodent repellent garbage bags.

What were your favourite stalls from the Fine Food Australia Expo?

by Sonia Habib

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